Please access the 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Website for Policy administration.

Your current underwriter, Praetorian Insurance Company will no longer be underwriting Pet Insurance through PTZ Insurance Agency Ltd. Upon the end of your current policy term you will be offered a renewal by 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs, underwritten by The North River Insurance Company. Enrolling in a new 24PetWatch Pet Insurance policy will include ongoing coverage for conditions that are currently eligible for reimbursement on your existing policy.

To ensure your pet benefits from continued pet insurance coverage; please look for communications from 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs in the future.

To find out more information regarding pet insurance options available to you and your pet in the future please contact us.

  • By phone:
    Monday – Friday 8am-9pm ET
    Saturday 9am-6pm ET

  • Chat with an agent online at:
    Monday – Friday 8am-9pm ET
    Saturday 9am-6pm ET

If you have any questions about your upcoming renewal, your policy or inquiries about what a change in underwriter means, please call 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs at: 1-855-434-4109 or alternatively, Praetorian Insurance Company can be reached in writing at:

Praetorian Insurance Company:
88 Pine Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Union Plus Pet Insurance Programs
Administered by PTZ Insurance Agency Ltd.